A Guide to Silver Conversions

Recently more and more people are realizing that they would like to have a physical store of value besides cash. With the state of the economy and the uncertainty ahead, it is common for people to look for alternatives of investment and ways to hedge against inflation.

Many times people have old Silver or other precious metal and they do not want to sell it, They want to convert it to a silver product as an exchange. Silver-Scrap-Buyer.com is able to facilitate this exchange, and we offer a variety of products that a customer can choose from to convert to. We offer some of the lowest conversion rates because we are direct refiners of Silver. We are also able to split settlements into any ratio of payment and exchange, so if a customer wants partial payment and partial exchange that is not a problem.

Silver has historically always been a safe haven for consumer investment. It is easily recognizable, tradeable, and tangible. There are many different forms of silver that can be held by consumers, the most popular being bullion in the form of bars or coins. The market standard of silver bars is a .999% 100 Troy ounce bar, but other increments such as 10 Toz and 1 Toz are also available. Coins come in Rounds which are generally .999% 1 Troy ounce coins, or 90% American Coin from Pre-1964. Generally the smaller the increment of the silver product, the more money it costs to exchange for that product. One 100 Toz bar is much easier to make compared to 100 individual 1 Toz bars, so you will save money by buying in the correct size.

Another thing that consumers need to be aware of is that not all bars and coins are created equal. Anyone can make a bar and stamp it, but only certain brands of bars are trusted and internationally accepted. Some of these brands include Engelhard, Johnson Matthey (JM), Ohio Precious Metal (OPM), and Credit Suisse or Suisse Credit. These brands are considered Comex accepted brands, which means that the Comex international bank accepts and trusts these brands. These brands are able to be traded and sold easily almost anywhere. The opposite is true of Secondary refinery bars, which are produced by various refiners, and are not certified for purity, size, or standard weights. Secondary refinery bars must be refined again, and therefore are not easily traded or sold.

If a consumer wanted to convert their Silver into bar or coin, Silver Scrap Buyer offers the best service and products for exchange, with all of them being trusted Comex brands. We offer a low cost and fast turn around time on all conversions.

Contact us today to find out how to exchange your Silver Scrap.

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