Silver Bullion availible for Exchange is your best choice for selling your scrap Silver for the highest payment or exchange for Bullion.

We offer exchange of Silver bullion as payment for your scrap Silver.

Silver Bullion, 100toz and 10toz silver bars, 1toz silver roundsAll silver bullion we carry comes sealed and with an assay certificate. All the brands are comex accepted recognizable bars and coins, not off spec secondary refinery bars.

Silver bullion exchange can be substituted for some or all of your payment for your scrap silver. There is an additional charge for the bars and coins based upon the bar size requested and the quantity. Generally the smaller the increment or the quantity, the larger the charge per troy ounce of silver. The additional charge is based upon the required extra work to make the silver into the bar or coins and depending upon market condition may be recouped by the customer upon resale. You will be responsible for return shipping on silver exchange settlements, there is no additional handling or packaging charges above what the shipping cost is.

Silver Exchange Sample Settlement Example.

Your scrap silver is worth $3000.
You would like a 100toz silver bar as partial payment.
The Silver spot market fix that day is $20.00
The additional charge for a 100toz bar is $1.05 per toz
The charge for the silver bar would be 100 x $21.05 = $2105.
The shipping and insurance for that bar would be $15.
The value of the silver bar and shipping is $2120, 3000-2120 is $880.
The settlement would include the 100Toz bar, and a check for $880.