Sell Silver Contacts is your best choice for selling your scrap Silver for the highest payment or exchange for Bullion.

We Buy and Refine all Silver contacts from manufacturers or recycling. Deal directly with the refiner to get the most for your Silver contact scrap.

Silver Contacts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are usually Silver on copper. The silver part will be round or square normally. If the silver part is bent or oddly shaped than it will contain a tungsten insert.
Silver Contacts are used for electrical connections in:
Silver Contacts
switch gear
motor starters
electric forklifts
railroad trains
electronic switches
electrical breakers

If the silver contacts you have are not listed we will still handle them, as well as being able to handle any of the silver solders or other associated silver scrap.

Silver Contacts are used where a electrical connection is made between two points. Silver is used because it is a very good conductor of electricity, while also being corrosion resistant. This is important because any corrosion on the contact will interfere with its operation.

Silver contacts can contain tungsten inserts, which act as hardeners for the contact to prolong its life. Unfortunately they also drastically lower the value of the silver contacts since the majority of the weight is tungsten. The tungsten also complicates the refining process. We are still able to recover the silver out of these contacts you you as efficiently as possible.

Silver contacts are normally soldered onto copper or a base metal with cadmium solder which is carcinogenic and should be handled very carefully. We suggest cutting the contact off of the excess copper instead of heating them off to avoid the cadmium fumes. Additionally the Silver solder that is underneath the Silver contact will also be recovered giving you the highest possible return.

We use the latest in refining methods and equipment to efficiently refine your Silver contacts. Let us help you with your Silver contact recycling.

We do our own melts, assays, and refining on a individual refining basis. We do not charge any other melt or incoming weight fees.

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