We Buy Gold Scrap

While we handle all Silver scrap, we are also refiners of all precious metals. Customers that have Silver often have Gold or other precious metals that they want to sell. Fortunately
we are a direct refiner of your Gold scrap as well. We provide the same level of service that we offer our Silver customers, as well as all other services such as free shipping, fast returns, and metal conversions.

Gold scrap that we buy:

Gold jewelry
Gold jewelry scrap

  • Gold earrings
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold pendants
  • Gold chains
  • Gold necklaces
  • Gold rings
  • Gold watch cases
  • Gold body jewelry

Dental Gold
Dental Gold Scrap

  • Gold fillings
  • Gold crowns
  • Gold brazing
  • Gold foils
  • Gold sticks
  • Gold teeth
  • Gold bridges
  • Dental solder
  • Dental Gold Silver Palladium Alloys
  • Dental Labratory grindings and polsihings

Dental gold spews and castings

  • Gold partials
  • Gold inlays
  • Gold Spews
  • Gold squares
  • Gold castings

Gold alloys and Fine Gold:
Fine gold

  • Gold shot
  • Gold alloys
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold coins
  • Gold bars
  • Gold pillows
  • Gold rounds

Industrial Gold Scrap:
Gold Vacuum deposition

  • Vacuum Deposition Gold
  • Gold findings
  • Gold boats
  • Gold targets
  • Gold turnings
  • Gold plating scrap
  • Gold salts and sludges

We also buy Gold electronic scrap including:
Gold electronic scrap

  • Gold pins
  • Gold fingers
  • Ceramic Gold CPU chips
  • Plastic Gold CPU chips
  • Circuit boards
  • Gold connectors
  • Cellphone circuit boards
  • Server boards
  • Telecommunications boards

We use the latest in refining methods and equipment to efficiently refine your Gold scrap. Let us help you get the most money for gold scrap.

We do our own melts, assays, and refining. We do not charge any other melt or incoming weight fees.

Contact us to get the most money for your Gold today!

Call Us with any questions or to request your free shipping kit.