Sell Silver Anode is your best choice for selling your scrap Silver for the highest payment or exchange for Bullion.

Silver Scrap Buyer will buy all Silver anode scrap. Silver anode comes from a variety of sources and applications. The two major applications are sacrificial Silver anode water treatment and Silver plating.

Silver anodes are used in water treatment in hospitals, recreational, drinking, and industrial water systems. Silver is used because of Silvers natural Antibacterial properties. Silver Cups and utensils were once used in order to keep bacteria to a minimum, and the same properties apply in water treatment. Besides Silvers natural antibacterial properties a chemical process of galvanic corrosion is used in order to sacrifice the Silver anode and to trap particulate and contamination in a water source and deposit it on the cathode material. The Silver ions released into the water, along with copper ions, act to disrupt and kill the vast majority of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens.

Silver plating is a process where Silver is dissolved into a solution and then applied to another metal as a coating. This process is the same as water treatment in the fact that the Silver acts as the anode and is broken down into ions. Silver is used as a plating in many electronics to form a better electrical connection that is corrosion resistant. Silver plating is also used in optics as it is the highest reflectivity of any metal. While we do not handle Silver plated material, we do handle the scrap material from Silver plating operations including the Silver anodes and any other Silver scrap.

Under the same principle of sacrificing the Silver anode in galvanic corrosion, Silver anodes can be used as batteries. The chemical process produces a current which is used as a power source. Silver was used in the some of the earliest batteries, as well as the batteries used in space exploration. Because of Silvers high price compared to other anode materials, it is not the standard for use.

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