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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is used in cups, candlesticks, serving pieces, and all types of flatware and hollow-ware. It is marked with either a 925 or the word Sterling. The 925 and Sterling markings refer to the purity of the silver being 92.5% Silver

Silver Flake

Silver Flake

Silver Flake can range from a fine powder to large chunks, and range in colors from light grey to black. Silver flake normally comes from a film development process, and must be dry to be accepted.

Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling Silver Flateware

Sterling Silver flatware will be marked with the word Sterling, 925, 925/1000, .925, or something to indicate that it is 92.5% silver. We buy all types of sterling flatware including knives, forks, spoons, serving pieces, and any other flatware as long as it is marked. We also buy coin silver 90% silver flatware.

Silver Solder

Silver Solder and Brazing sticks and rings

Silver solder comes in a variety of forms including rings, sticks, and rods. Some Silver solder may contain fluxes on the outside. Silver solder is typically an alloy of Silver with one or more metals, and may contain harmful metals such as cadmium.

Silver Contacts

Silver Contacts

Silver contacts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from both recycling and manufacturers. Silver contacts are usually soldered onto a base metal such as copper or brass. We handle all types of Silver contacts even if they contain cadmium, tungsten inserts, or other base metals.

Silver Ink

Silver ink

Silver Ink is used mainly in printing of electronics. It is typically mixed with a liquid that cures it under exposure to UV light.

Industrial Silver Scrap

Industrial Silver

Silver scrap produced by manufacturing can come in a wide variety of forms and alloys. We have refined industrial Silver scrap from hundreds of different processes including turnings, punchings, contacts, reject, end of line, or seconds scrap.

Silver Coins

silver coins

We Buy all pre-1964 US coin. These coins are 90% Silver and are normally bought by the face dollar. We also refine and buy Silver Clad half dollars which are 40% Silver.

Silver Bullion

Silver Bullion, 100toz and 10toz silver bars, 1toz silver rounds

We buy all types of Silver bullion, in any form or alloy. We also are able to return Silver bullion as payment for other scrap Silver. Bullion comes in Sizes ranging from 1 Toz coin or bar, up to 100 Toz bars.

Below are some types of Silver scrap we buy..

  • Sterling Silver
  • Silver Flake
  • Silver Flatware
  • Coin Silver
  • Silver Bars
  • Dental Silver
  • Silver Solder
  • Silver Paste
  • Silver Photographic Flake
  • Silver Holloware
  • Pre 1964 Silver Coin
  • Silver Industrial Scrap
  • Silver Ink
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Silver Coins
  • Silver Anode
  • Silver Turnings
  • Silver Wire
  • Silver Contacts

We use the latest in refining methods and equipment to efficiently refine your Silver scrap.

We do our own melts, assays, and refining. We do not charge any other melt or incoming weight fees.

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