U.S. Mint headed for highest record of Silver American Eagles sales

Silver has been the go-to metal for coinage for thousands of years. Its availability, physical properties, as well as its ability to be coined into a usable denomination have all contributed to its success.

Now with the highly fluctuating stock market, inflation, and other economic volatility, investors are looking for the old safe haven of precious metals. There are many different ways to invest in silver, but one of the most popular is in american coin.

According to the US Mint, the recent price drop in silver has investors eager to buy mass quantities of the Silver American Eagle bullion coins. In 2011 a total of about 39.8 million coins were sold. This year is starting out strong with an average of 900,000 coins sold per week, which would equate to 46.8 million coins sold this year if the trend remains constant.

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